Smile Enhancement

Laser Gum Pigmentation Removal

Gum pigmentation is a very common finding that may negatively impact a person's smile. It is determined largely by genetics and is more common in people with darker complexion. Gum pigmentation is not a disease as it is caused by melanin deposits, however it could be worsened by heavy smoking.

If you are affected by this problem, you are probably conscious that a beautiful smile goes far beyond the teeth. Gums frame the teeth just like lips frame a smile, and the color of your gums can have a great impact on the attractiveness of your smile.

Laser assisted gum pigmentation removal is a revolutionary procedure that can painlessly remove the unwanted pigmentation in a single session. This procedure involves the use of lasers to safely and effectively remove the melanin pigmentation that causes gum discoloration. Since this procedure changes the appearance of melanin, the cause of your gum discoloration should be known before the procedure is conducted. If your gum discoloration is caused by gum disease, the gum disease must be first treated. If you are a smoker, you’ll be required to stop smoking before the procedure is done.

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