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Gum Grafting / Receding Gums Treatment

Exposed roots of teeth are very unsightly and are usually accompanied by high sensitivity to hot and cold foods or liquids. Gum recession can leave you at risk of developing a cavity on tooth root which is softer than tooth enamel, and further bone loss, which in turn may result in tooth loss if left untreated.

A gum graft is designed to solve these problems. However, there are various gum grafting techniques, some better and less painful than others. Connective tissue grafts are vastly superior to older techniques such as free gingival grafts or skin grafting. Patients report fast recovery and little or no discomfort during or after this procedure. Dr. Berkovich only performs connective tissue grafts to achieve optimum long-lasting and esthetic results. Please read more about connective tissue gum grafting in our "educational articles" section: Periodontal Plastic Surgery and different gum grafting techniques.

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